Saturday, January 29, 2011


Hi Everyone, Its been a while since I posted but now it is time! Menstuff hunt has started today and I will post my new releases for the guys! Here is the hunt item, awesome freebie for the guys with many many options in the store for mixing and matching! Honestly way to many to show here:

Pounce To the Hilt in White
This set comes with THREE pairs of jeans total! 2 Normal and I threw in the extra sword pants as a bonus. The jeans come with cuffs and are low riding jeans, that means the shirts have options from underwear to jackets! Very convenient!
In the store there are more colors so go and check out my store Pounce!

For the retro Punk Guy I have a new release called "Pounce Johnny Folsom"! It has this rock and roll feeling but casual for winter, long cuffs that go OVER the wrist and down to the hand! Very awesome look paired with the fingerless gloves! This set is huge and sexy..

Of course Last time I had a release for the girls it didn't get any post so just to give you a glimpse ;) Here is "Pounce Protected" series image:  ;) Valentines is coming soon!