Monday, February 21, 2011

Pounce Full of Love Set!

 Alright girls I am making dresses for you all to dance around in but for the moment I thought "Okay I need something sexy and with lots of skin". Here we go ;) Comes in 4 colors (2 colors shown here). Comes with a prim scarf drape with heart clasps, jacket tank layer, bikini top layer, 2 pairs of low riding (very low)jeans ripped version & jeans with just the lace and for modesty sake I have added the undies layer.

Go inworld at or go online at the marketplace to see all the color options 4 in all!

As a bonus I have included the stompers and shoes! So this outfit comes complete! Some editing is needed for body drape, best hint, raise the clasps to about just less than one inch above the shoulders, should look perfect! For the Stompers, they have a lip sorta as a guide to show you where they should rest on the top of the shoe ... let the rest drag on the ground because it is time to party! Have fun with the set!

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